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Anglet Design Summer Camp 2014

23rd of May 2014, 0 comments, category: workshops, Talks

by Onclaude

We're pleased to announce that we've been invited to contribute to a one-of-a-kind Design Summer Camp entirely dedicated to Action & Outdoor Sports which takes place in Anglet, in the southwest coast of France (Aquitaine-Pays Basque), from the 1st to the 5th of September.

Renowned as the "petite" California of Europe, the region of Aquitaine is responsible alone for 80% of the board sports economy in Europe.

The Camp's venue, OLATU LEKU, a 3,344 m² complex located in the town of Anglet, close to Biarritz, which was opened in 2012 with the support of the European Union, the French Government and the Aquitaine Regional Agency, hosts an incubator for start-ups in the action & outdoor sports industry as well as offices for established brands in the boardsports sector (surf, skateboard, snowboard).

Now in its second edition, the Camp is organised by the business innovation centre ESTIA Entreprendre (part of ESTIA School of Engineering), which manages OLATU LEKU facilities, in partnership with EuroSIMA Cluster, a division of EuroSIMA (European boardsports industries manufacturing association), promoting and developing the boardsports industry in the Aquitaine region; OSV (Outdoor Sports Valley), representing 250+ outdoor sports companies located in the French Alps; ESDL, the Graduate School of Design of the Landes and the Prospective Design Department of the innovation agency ADI (Aquitaine Développement Innovation) which promotes and supports design projects developed by companies based in the Aquitaine region.

On the 3rd of September (5.30-8pm) Onclaude's Founder Maria Serra will take part in the "Stand-up du Design", a series of 10 minute talks on design and innovation, where she will share some key insights from our ongoing Women and Action Sports Research Project. As the title of her speech "Women and Action Sports Brands: innovation starts with empathy" suggests, she will focus on the importance of using empathy as an innovation drive to identify unmet needs and design new products and services that really make a difference.

During the same evening a not-to-be-missed talk will also be given by serial entrepreneur Iker Aguirre (NSI Agence HO5NSI HO5Park, Wing Translations), who we had the great pleasure to meet for the first time in Munich at ISPO fair (Onclaude@ISPO Munich 2014) and who has kindly advised us on many occasions afterwards. Many other great speakers will be on stage; keep an eye on the Design Summer Camp website in the following weeks and check the full list of speakers on the Stand-up du Design page. Places are limited and only 80 people will be allowed to participate in this event; you can reserve a place through this page.

On the 4th and 5th September, Maria will be part of the coaching team of the "24h of innovation" competition which will challenge participants to envision, design and prototype together new solutions for the action and outdoor industry, such as a new product or service or an innovative marketing and communication campaign, starting from a specific brief given by a company or organisation (if you are interested in submitting a subject, you can do it online through a dedicated page on the Camp's website). Participants will have the opportunity to bring their idea to life in a proper rapid prototyping area which will be set up at the Camp.

The Camp's programme also includes a three-day workshop (1,2,3 September), which will cover different topics including how to re-design a board sports product, discover new applications and address new usage contexts as well as how to innovate an action sport company's brand and business model. Industry contributors to the workshop include François Latterrade, Head of Global Snow Outerwear & Innovation at Quiksilver, Vincent Alloy and Antoine Harpagès, respectively engineer and product designer at Nabaiji (Oxylane Group) and Ronan Bariou, designer at Orbea

Please note that only 60 participants will be admitted to the "24h of innovation" and to the workshop sessions, so book your place as soon as possible. You can do it online here.

Finally, a Call for Projects has been launched as part of the Design Summer Camp. Check the Action & Outdoor Sports Global Design Challenge 2014 page in our Grants'n Funds section to find out more.

If you're a designer, engineer or creative interested in working tin the action and outdoor sports sector, this is an outstanding opportunity to learn more about the current trends in the industry, challenge yourself with a few exciting design problems, achieve new skills, do a lot of useful networking and, of course, have a lot of fun in Biarritz!

Watch a video presentation of the Camp and see what happened last year:

Event Details

Where: Olatu Leku, 100 Avenue de l'Adour, Anglet, France

When: 1-5 September 2014

Prices: prices vary depending on whether you are a student, a freelance designer/engineer/creative, an industry professional associated or not associated with EuroSIMA or OSV. Workshop prices range from 120-600 euro; attendance at the Stand Up evening is 20-50 euro (including VIP buffet); participation in the 24h of innovation is 80-400 euro. Please check the Book Now page on the Camp's website for more details.


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