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Crowdfunding Convention Vienna 2013

22nd of June 2013, 2 comments, category: workshops, Talks

by Onclaude

Onclaude's Founder Maria Serra has been invited to contribute to an international convention on crowdfunding organised by the European Crowdfunding Network  and the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber. The convention will focus on practical issues around crowdfunding while also exploring future innovations.

 Maria will run a "Theme Lounge" on Crowdfunding & Open Design as an innovation strategy as well as participating in the convention's closing panel on Crowdfunding as an impulse for innovation.

The convention will take place  in Vienna on the 15th of May at the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber (Wiedner Hauptstraße 63). 

You can find all details about the agenda below. Just send an email to jw@wko.at to register or register online here, entrance si free.


10:00-10:15 Welcome // Markus Roth, Chairman, Junge Wirtschaft (Austria) 

10:15-10:45 Opening Speech // Günter Stummvoll, Member of the National Council and Chair of the Finance Committee of the National Council

10:45-11:00 Keynote // Joachim Schwerin, DG Enterprise & Industry, European Commission

11:00-12:15 Opening panel: The Impact of Crowdfunding 

moderated by Dan Marom (Israel)

  • Benoit Vandevivere, Director, AAA Group (Spain)
  • Nikolaus Hutter, Director, Toniic (USA/Europe)
  • Stefan Limberger, Chief Evangelist, Finmar (Germany)
  • Philipp Steinberger, Director, C-Crowd (Switzerland)
  • Joachim Schwerin, DG Enterprise & Industry, European Commission
12:15-13:15 Lunch 

13:15-14:15 Showcase: Running a Crowdfunding campaign and funding a project

  • Christin Friedrich, Director, Innovestment (Germany)
  • Hans Christian Heinemeyer, Managing Director, ePortrait (Germany)
  • Adam Woolway, CEO, PlugSurfing (Germany) 
Theme Lounge I: Crowdfunding & Job creation/employability

Ivana Pais, Department of Sociology, Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, Milan (Italy) and Daniela Castrataro, Co-Founder of the Italian Crowdfunding Network (Italy)

14:15-15:15 Theme Lounge II: Crowdfunding & Public Funding

Karsten Wenzlaff, Founder, Ikosom - Institute for Communication and Social Media (Germany)

Theme Lounge III: Innovation in consumer and business lending through Peer-to-Peer approaches

Tim Wright, Director, Twintangibles (UK)

Theme Lounge IV: Crowdfunding & Open Design as an innovation strategy,Maria Serra, Founder, Onclaude (Italy)

15:15-15:45 Networking Break 

15:45-17:00 Closing Panel: Crowdfunding as an impulse for innovation

moderated by Dan Marom (Israel)

  • Markus Roth, Chairman, Junge Wirtschaft (Austria)
  • Maria Serra, Founder, Onclaude (Italy)
  • Reinhard Willfort, Board Member, European Crowdfunding Network
  • Adam Woolway, CEO, PlugSurfing (Germany)
17:00-17:15 Keynote: The Crowdfunding Revolution // Dan Marom (Israel) 

17:15-17:30 Closing // Oliver Gajda, Chairman, European Crowdfunding Network 

17:30 Networking 


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sophie valerie birkmayer over 5 years ago


thank you it was a really inspiring day!

Maria Serra over 5 years ago


Thanks to you Sophie for coming and contributing to the discussion!