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19th of December 2013, 0 comments, category:

by Onclaude Team & Kristina Tool Studio

Why leaving think tanks just to the politicos? 

Combining the idea of a Think Tank with Design Thinking, and pooling inspiration from a few key innovation strategies (Verganti's “Design-driven Innovation", Kim Mauborgne’s “Blue Ocean Strategy ” and Ries’ “Lean Startup”), Onclaude and Kristina Tool Studio, a member of our Innovators Network, are experimenting together to come up with a new approach to open innovation. 

We aim at using design thinking to explore new possibilities, define problems, find solutions and rapidly prototype and test new ideas, leveraging collaboration between designers; thinkers, opinion formers and innovation “interpreters” with diverse backgrounds; enterprises; users; and non-users. As you know, we are not aiming to simply provide an infrastructure. Our goal is to grow as a curated hub, actively promoting talented people and organisations with a design-driven approach; facilitating collaboration and synergies across different sectors and nurturing innovative ideas and projects. 

Why are we doing this?

We want the industry and the market to not only perceive the value and impact of design and design thinking, but to also recognise the value of the people behind it. We think that a new approach to open innovation is needed where companies and designers work together in a less hierarchical way and develop a real, human relationship. 

We think both might benefit from this because true innovation is about people prototyping interesting ideas together, not just about generating new ideas.

How do we work?

Our Design Thinking process starts from personal experiences and observations. We share ideas with our team and partners and note what insights that we have collected while simply being immersed in what we do while living, working playing, relaxing and traveling. We tune in our “cultural antennae” as we move through the day. We watch, read, share, listen and talk with people in the real world and online while following our passions. Then if something sparks our interest, we dig a little deeper and try to decode what we’ve noticed. We may decide to then start investigating a topic through some preliminary research. When we think the challenge is “challenging enough”, we will then share it with you and launch a Design Thinking Tank on a specific topic, which will follow this path: 

The first experiment in using the Design Thinking Tank open innovation approach is a Special Project on Women in Action Sports, check it out and participate!


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