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!DONNA - Women Co-wining Project for EXPO 2015, Branding and Visual Identity

12th of March 2015, 0 comments, category: Commissioned Projects

by Onclaude with Spazio per Tempo and !DONNA

Ife, "Il vino delle donne per le donne" (Women's Wine for Women) is the outcome of a one-of-a-kind participatory wine-making experience inspired by "Feeding the planet", the central theme of Milan EXPO 2015 (May 1-October 31, 2015)

The project has been conceived and promoted by !DONNA, a Milan-based no-profit organisation which aims to highlight and support women’s talents in a diverse range of sectors representing the excellence of Italian culture, including design. 

Expo focuses on food, nutrition and sustainability, with an emphasis on sharing practices, and this project aims at enhancing women's ability to team up and innovate together. A pool of Italian creative women with different backgrounds, from art, fashion and design to food and communications, have been involved in the project, together with a consortium of six local wineries lead by women entrepreneurs called Tra le Terre-Custodi d’emozioni.

As multidisciplinary is a core value at Onclaude, our director Maria Serra has been invited by !DONNA to join the creative team and co-design a successful branding strategy for the wine. She has also being asked to select a like-minded female designer from our Innovators Network which could envision an effective and innovative visual identity of the wine.

Maria has commissioned Silvia Mascia (on the left in the picture, besides Maria) a talented Italian art director and graphic designer, to participate in the initiative and design a limited collection of wine bottles which reflects the collaborative nature of the initiative. Silvia, director of Magù Comunica Studio and co-founder of Spazio per Tempo, a no-profit organisation which designs, develops and promotes innovative activities blending art, science and philosophy creativelyturned out to to be perfectly attuned to the multidisciplinary spirit of the project and has given to the wine a unique personality. 

This co-wining initiative not only aims at creating shared value between women wine creators and wine consumers but will also make a difference in the lives of a group of "underprivileged" African women, whichhas also beeninvolved in the project through a partnership with Kinabuti, an ethical fashion label (founded in Nigeria by two young Italian women) which supports sustainable development projects in the African country. Profit made through the selling of the bottles will be used, in fact, to educate a group of women in Laos at preparing, cooking and selling street food. 

We believe this is a great non-profit initiative, which goes beyond charity by promoting women's entrepreneurship, and we are proud to have the opportunity to contribute to it and make an impact.

We are particularly proud of this project because it has allowed us to fully put into practice our open innovation and co-design methodologies to meet the needs of all stakeholders involved, reach great results in terms of product innovation and delight final users.

We have successfully applied a Design Thinking approach to this project, from ideation to creation to implementation, iterating and seeking feedback from stakeholders and users at any stage of the process. We've validated the efficiency of this approach, which has allowed us to maximize creativity managing ideas in a productive way and translate them into the best possibile solution optimizing time and resources at the same time. We wanted to propose a concept which could give an unconventional image to the wine brand, reflecting the excellence of the product itself (high quality organic Italian wine locally made with love, dedication and great attention to sustainability), the energy and creativity of the Italian women which have conceived and produced it and at the same time that of the African women whose life will hopefully improve through this project.

 We have been creatively inspired by the fascinating history of the ancient kingdom of Ife, which flourished in Nigeria in the XII-XIV centuries and have produced stunning artworks which can now be enjoyed at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts. Some bronze and terracotta female sculptures, in particular, have captivated our imagination as their elegance reminded us of that of many of our favourite Western art masterpieces. We have come across many "similarities in differences" and this has challenged us to envision the profile of a woman who is inspired by the stories of other women but can also be a source of inspiration.

We've launched the wine collection last June at Expo's Italian Pavillion within Copagri (Association of Agriculture Producers) space and we've also presented in July at WE-Women for Expo  conference hall, where we took part in a round table on women's collaborative networks. We've had the honour to share our views on this key topic with Francesca Zajczyk, in charge of Women's Equal Opportunity polici es at Milan City Council. 

More events to follow in September! We'll be posting soon some news on this page and on our social networks to keep you up to date. You can find out more about the "making of" of the Ife Co-wining project on a dedicated page on !Donna's website. 

The wine is now on sale online at Bevegan.it. All profits will be invested in funding Kinabuti's no-profit initiative in Lagos, Nigeria.












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