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New Cosmetics Brand - Value Proposition, PSSD Strategy, Branding and Packaging

8th of May 2015, 0 comments, category: Commissioned Projects

by Onclaude with Kunstlab

We are helping an Italian company in the cosmetics sector to build a new stellar brand and design a successful product and service strategy, leveraging on a unique value proposition, which addresses women's health and wellness needs with an innovative holistic approach.

Acting at a psychological as well as an emotional level, next-generation cosmetics technology is at the forefront of science, research and innovation in skin treatment, allowing not only improve skin's health and appearance, but also generate good feelings by amplifying or reducing the effects of neurotransmitters within the skin.

When we were first contacted, we got intrigued by the idea of working again on a project which brings innovation in a typically women industry by re-defining the concept of "cosmetics" itself. We wanted to approach this project holistically and offer unique ideas and perspectives, so we've commissioned Kunstlab from our Innovators Network, a studio consultancy specialized in design-driven innovation lead by business innovator Michelle Jung, to design and develop the full branding strategy as well as the entire product line's visual identity.

We're working closely with the client to defining a successful value proposition and translate it into an effective integrated system of products ad services, leveraging on Kunstlab's experience in PSSD Strategy (Product System Service Design)

We will post updates on this project in the following weeks on this page and on our social networks, follow us!


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