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Samsung Italy - Corporate Training: Design Thinking Strategies

30th of June 2015, 0 comments, category: Commissioned Projects

by Onclaude

How can the Design Thinking and Human-centered design mindsets, methods and tools, encourage a multidisciplinary and cross-sectoral approach to innovation at a corporate level? How can it support a multinational company to become "agile" as a startup and being able to solve creatively, more quickly and more effectively, any problem, including daily tricky "office" challenges?

As part of Samsung Italy's internal HR Learning and Development programme, which encourages a multidisciplinary and cross-divisional approach, we're introducing Design Thinking culture and strategies to the company's employees headquartered in Milan, Italy.

The workshop has been held by our Director Maria Serra on the 6th of October 2015.

leader and innovator in the digital Italian market, Samsung Italy has recently expanded its headquarters in the heart of Milan's Business centre, setting up the vibrant "Samsung Design District" with new offices, showrooms and exhibition halls.




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