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Gianmaria Quarta

Berlin, Germany

designer looking for business partners, collaborators, creative partners, feedback, fundraising, inspiration, investors, networking, sponsors Architecture, Computer Graphic Art, Digital Art, Graphic Design, Illustration , Technical Art, Urban Design, Urban Studies


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Being graduated in architecture, and having an experience of 8 years in the visual arts field, I've always had an intense relationship with image production through hand drawing, graphic design, photography, painting and writing, which now makes me absolutely confident about my skills to produce and deliver high-quality and original visual solutions to my clients.

Travelling and studying languages (Spanish, Italian, French, German) I learned the importance of images as a way of expression and communication.

Image is what shapes our perception of the world. Working with Image means exploring (dot after dot, line after line, surface after surface) the boundaries of a territory in which personal expression, communication, ethics and economics coexist. Finding new links between them is my job, and the responsibility for that it's so big that it can't be taken unseriously.


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Gianmaria Quarta



Berlin, Germany