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William Boujon & Julien Benayoun, the creative duo of Bold-design, have a unique symbiosis based on collaborative creation. They set the tone when they launched their office in 2008. Their goal ? Boldly promote both the values of art and industry as well as those of skilled craftsmanship.

The office’s balance is based on complementary inspirations : while Julien prefers a conceptual vision of design, William is fascinated by manufacturing techniques. Their industrial design skills help them develop projects where the ornamental becomes functional : their shapes and objects often have a narrative context. Bold-design wants to communicate the “script” behind each of its creations. Sometimes, this even means building a project as one would construct a novel.

Each “script” has a structure, Bold-design’s mastery of techniques and materials comes to fruition as furniture, objects, exhibition and space layouts or artistic installations. The designs show a penchant for the graphic and pictorial arts, revealing poetic details anchored in a solid perspective for each project. Bold-design uses a hybrid, experimental approach, their creations take inspiration from our constant reinvention of everyday routines.


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Bold Design

almost 5 years ago


Vocal Vibrations at Le Laboratoire, Paris

An intense, live vocal experience at the Paris Laboratory

march 28, 2014 - september 29, 2014

For its 18th Experiment, The Laboratory Paris presents Vocal Vibrations by Tod Machover, composer and inventor, and Neri Oxman, architect and designer, both from the MIT Media Lab, which explores the issue of voice and its impact on the body.

bold-design created the scenography and designed a new object called oRb for this special occasion.

This collaboration resulted from a conversation between Tod Machover and David Edwards, founder of the Laboratory, who described the project's vision as:"We know that health has an impact on the voice. Conversely, can the voice affect our physical and mental conditioning?"

Vocal Vibrations, an original installation and design, invites the public to discover the relationship between sound vibrations stimulated by voice and their effects on human physiology, with sensory, unique and exceptional experience. 

This experience has been realized in collaboration with The Venerable Tenzin Priyadarshi, Buddhist monk, director of the Dalai Lama Center for Ethics and Transformative Values ​​of MIT.

Le Laboratoire
4 rue du Bouloi – 75001 Paris – France


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