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Annika Syrjämäki

Den Haag, NL

designer looking for collaborators, feedback, inspiration interior, textile


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All projects I do start out as an art/research project where the concept is a very important part.
Not always visible at a first sight there is always another layer to be discovered.

I work a lot with data, sometimes it’s news, and for my upcoming project it has to do with space.
I like my work to have content, not only to look good.
Within the project I have some “rules” that I will never break.
Like never cheat with the data and some other more aesthetic rules, they are bit more complicated to explain, it has to do with my vision on what I do.
I want things to be subtle, and have certain timelessness, and in another way I always want to push all borders and never repeat myself.

The material is for me is very important, that is one reason I prefer to work with weaving it’s so richer and you can add extra layers and make a wall covering almost 3D
I like to stretch the limits and do things in the loom that haven’t been done before, to see how far you can go and what’s possible
And in that way create a new material.
I see myself somewhere between an artist and a designer.
For me the Daily Pattern Project was a first step in a new direction, I found the way I would like to work with textile.


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Daily Pattern Project

The daily pattern is a research project exploring the pos...


Annika Syrjämäki



Den Haag, NL


0031 (0)6-24244712