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Campaigns guidelines

If you have a special project and require funding to help you bring it to life, Onclaude is the place for you. Members of our Innovators Network can publish their projects on our platform and launch a campaign to raise funds from their crowd. 

You set your own fundraising goal and a deadline for your campaign and plan a system of rewards to offer your backers, according to the level of funding that they provide. When backers select an amount and a corresponding reward, they "promise" that they will actually make that contribution to you if your campaign is successful. 

Onclaude's is an "all-or-nothing" approach: only if you succeed in reaching your fundraising goal within the deadline that you yourself have specified will you and your backers be obligated to exchange contributions and rewards.

What is Crowdfunding exactly?

Ever borrowed money from your friends and later paid them back? If so, you are probably already used to peer-to-peer lending.  Crowdfunding follows a similar and yet different premise.

Be they friends, colleagues, members of your personal or professional network or complete strangers, people do not lend you money but donate money to support a project you have created that has piqued their interest. 

Why? It is quite simple: they think your project is a great idea which deserves to be brought to life and they want to see that happen. In return, they get two things: the satisfaction of seeing your vision become reality plus the opportunity to receive a reward from you.

So you do not have to worry about paying them back! You just give them a non-monetary reward and ensure it is something they will really appreciate.

Crowdfunding is not just a fundraising tool though. It will give you the opportunity of engaging with like-minded people who can become your most avid supporters before your project even launches. It will also help you to test the market and get useful feedback from your crowd, which is key if you want to reduce the risk of failure.

Do I need to sign up/register?

Yes. Our crowfunding tool is exclusive to innovators in our Network who are working on a cutting-edge project that requires funding. You need to be a member of the Network to submit a project and launch a crowdfunding campaign.

Is it free?

It is completely free for members to submit a project, publish it on the site and launch a crowdfunding campaign. Onclaude only charges a 6% administration fee if you successfully reach or surpass your fundraising goal within the deadline set by you for your campaign. 

Why should design innovators turn to crowdfunding?

Crowdfunding opens up new opportunities because at the heart of its model lie open innovation and crowdsourcing practices.

A crowdsourced project will be exposed to a large global audience which will only help you to raise more funds, something which has become very difficult these days. At the same time, it will make your project stronger, cleverer, more effective, more impactful and, above all, closer to people's expectations and needs, eliminating uncertainty regarding market response.

Why is Onclaude the right place to crowdfund my project?

Onclaude is not just a crowdfunding site. It is a platform which actually fosters innovation in the design industry, giving exposure to a global cross-sectoral network of innovators who are working on a wide range of diverse, cutting-edge design projects. 

Onclaude is a place where the most innovative projects are showcased and promoted and where design innovators from different sectors and disciplines meet and collaborate, generating, developing and implementing new ideas. Furthermore, Onclaude does not just have an online presence. We think that in this post-digital age it has become absolutely essential for design innovators to gain public awareness offline as well as online. So our biggest challenge is to bring the most innovative and successful projects to the forefront of leading and emerging international events and trade fairs, securing them extra exposure.

We believe in fundraising synergies and this is the reason why we have created a crowdfunding tool which enhances mutual collaboration amongst networkers. In our vision, the first people whose trust you should gain if you want to succeed in funding, developing and promoting your projects are your peers and fellow networkers. Whether they turn into your first financial backers or not, what really counts is that you have here an opportunity to make them become your project's most reputable ambassadors not only within the Onclaude platform but much more widely than that too, which potentially means: the entire world. 

How do I get started?

The first thing you should do is to learn how our crowdfunding tool works. Carefully read the information below before submitting a project. Remember that you will need to be a registered member of the Innovators Network to launch a campaign. If you are not a member yet, you can join the Network here.

Learn the basics

Who can submit a project?

Our unique crowdfunding tool is exclusive to Onclaude networkers. Only members of our Innovators Network can post a project and launch a fundraising campaign through the platform. To join the Network, just click here.

Who can back a campaign?

Essentially, anybody from virtually anywhere in the world. You do not need to be a member of the Onclaude Innovators Network to back a project. You will, however, be asked to sign up to the platform, which will literally take you two minutes. 

What kinds of projects can be submitted?

Onclaude has a multidisciplinary and cross-sectoral approach. We accept a wide variety of projects which envision new approaches to design, production, distribution and communications. 

Onclaude is not just a crowdfunding website: it is a platform which fosters innovation in the design industry and we expect you to submit your most innovative and ambitious projects.

We do not accept content promoting illegal or offensive activities: please check our Terms of Use before submitting any content.

Is a PayPal account required to launch a campaign? 

Yes, it is. You need to open an account in order to receive the funds you raise into it. Opening a PayPal account is fast and easy and you can do it in just a few steps here.

I'm a backer… do I need a PayPal account to back a project? 

Not necessarily. If you have one, you can use your PayPal account to make your contribution; otherwise, you can use any credit card, including Visa and MasterCard, and PayPal will simply facilitate the payment by processing it through its secure gateway.

How do I submit a project?

Very easily! Just click here to begin. We will review your project and give you feedback as relevant. If your project is accepted, you will then be able to launch your campaign online.

Please remember that quality is of the utmost importance. We aim to maintain the highest standards in showcasing the most innovative projects from the international design community and we hope you appreciate and share our commitment to this. We recommend you browse current campaigns here and check our Do's and Don'ts before submitting your project.

We are happy to give you advice and support in creating and presenting your project in the most effective way. Just drop us a line at info@onclaude.com  if you have any questions or require support.

Does Onclaude acquire any ownership or intellectual property rights?

No. You retain 100% ownership of your work.

What about backers?

No. Backing a project is not a form of investment. You retain 100% ownership of your work.

What if someone steals my idea?

We think design innovators should not worry about the small chance of their idea being stolen and focus more on how to add real value to their project. Ideas need people to be translated into good projects. Nobody will ever do it like you will, so the same ideas generated by different people can result in very different outcomes. Still, you can continue to protect your ideas using all the available means provided to you by your country's laws or by international laws.

Will it cost me anything to launch a campaign?

No. It is free for our networkers to submit a project, post it on the site and launch a crowdfunding campaign. 

So is the service really completely free?

Posting and launching a campaign are free. Onclaude only charges a 6% administration fee if you successfully reach or surpass your fundraising goal within the deadline set by you for your campaign. This is because Onclaude follows an “all-or-nothing” philosophy.

To receive funds into your account, our payment processor, PayPal, charges project creators a fee that averages around 3.4% but may vary depending on your account status and currency conversion. Please visit the PayPal website to learn more about this. 

I'm a Backer: are there any extra costs?

Absolutely not. You decide how much you want to give to a project and pay nothing for the transaction itself. 

Why do you take this “all-or-nothing” stance?

Because we want you to minimise your risk of failure while, at the same time, continuing to strive to create the most attractive project for your backers. If you really put all your effort into your campaign, you will gain a lot even if you do not ultimately succeed in raising the funds that you require, as we will have offered you the opportunity to test your project, improve it and create a buzz around it.

Please keep in mind that crowdfunding is not just about money. Exchanging knowledge, know-how and expertise with like-minded people and getting feedback from them on your project is the first and most valuable “capital” you get from your crowd. 

So when and how exactly are funds collected?

When backers back a campaign, they specify an amount for their contribution but funds are not instantly debited to their credit card or account. What happens is that backers grant our payment processor, PayPal, the right to charge them that amount in the event that the campaign is successful and promise that the funds will be available for collection.

If a campaign successfully reaches its goal within its deadline, the total amount raised, minus the percentage due to Onclaude, is paid into the project creator’s PayPal account. If a campaign does not reach its fundraising goal, any contribution that might have been pledged by backers is automatically cancelled: you will not receive the funds and backers will not be charged.

For campaign launchers

 Setting your campaign's fundraising goal and deadline

When you start a campaign, you need to set a fundraising goal and deadline for it which can be in 14, 30, 45 or 60 days’ time.

No-one is better placed than you to come up with a reasonable fundraising goal and deadline for your own campaign but if you need any advice on this, please check our Do's and Don'ts.

Can I change my fundraising goal?

No. Once a campaign is launched, it is not possible to change its fundraising goal.

Can I raise money in excess of my fudraising goal?

Yes, absolutely. You can keep raising funds until the deadline is reached.

Is there a maximum on how much a campaign can raise?

No. There is no limit.

What if a campaign reaches its fundraising goal before its deadline?

Good news…it means your project rocks! Again, you can continue to raise funds until the deadline is reached.

Can I change my deadline?

No. Once a campaign is launched, it is not possible to extend its deadline or to end the campaign early.

Building and managing campaigns

Is my campaign project really a project? Answering this question should be the starting point for any crowdfunder. Having a good idea is not enough. Backers expect your project to be well-structured, consistent, feasible and, above all, meaningful. It needs to have a relevant purpose, which should be made evident by you in your project description. Finally, it needs to be clear and engaging. Always try to turn your project into a story: storytelling is a powerful tool.

Would I back my campaign?

This is also a very useful question to ask yourself before building a campaign. Is your project truly innovative and unique? What are its strengths? What are its weaknesses? Are your fundraising goal and deadline realistic? Are the rewards you can offer valuable? 

This does not mean that starting a campaign needs to be a daunting task. Keep in mind that crowdfunding is inspired by crowdsourcing: the crowd is there to help you build a better project and tweak it along the way. 

Can I edit my campaign after launching it?

You can edit any aspect related to your campaign, except its fundraising goal and deadline and any rewards that might have already been selected by a backer. 

Can I post updates on my campaign?

Yes, and we strongly suggest you do this as often as possible, to show your progress and keep your backers and fellow networkers in the loop. At the same time, posting updates on your page is a great way to motivate new people to support you. Each time you post an update, your backers will be notified by email. Be ready to dedicate time to reading people's comments and answering questions as this is what will really add value to your campaign.

Can I edit my campaign after the deadline is reached?

No, but you can keep posting on the project's development. 

Can a campaign have multiple owners?

No, but if you are a studio, a company or an organisation, you can list all the relevant contributors in your project description.

 Can I raise funds for the same campaigns in steps or stages?

If you have reached your fundraising goal but later develop more ambitious plans for your project and want to take it to a higher level, yes, you can raise more funds for it at a later date but you will need to create a new campaign to do this.

Please keep in mind that a new campaign requires your existing backers to agree to further involvement and/or you attracting new backers and that this might involve the promise of additional rewards on your part but, if you are ready for the challenge, then go for it.

Is there a limit on how many campaigns I can launch? 

Yes. You can launch a maximum of five campaigns in a year.

 Can I run more than one campaign at the same time?

Yes, but if you are considering launching multiple campaigns, you should first ask yourself if you will really have enough time to fully commit to all of them. Might it not be better to give 100% to one project rather than to spread yourself thin across many? Also consider that it might distract backers’ attention and compromise the success of your campaign. This is why we would actually discourage you from running more than one project at the same time but it is not prohibited.

 Can I launch the same campaign again if I do not reach my fundraising goal the first time round?

Yes. Just drop us a line at  info@onclaude.com and we can discuss why you might not have succeeded the first time round. We might be able to help you figure out a better way to structure your project and present it on your second attempt.

 Setting rewards

Some people will back you without expecting anything in return but most of your backers will expect to receive something in exchange, so you are required to set rewards for your campaign. Offering rewards is a good way to encourage people to get involved in the project and to show your gratitude to your backers.

What should I offer as a reward?

Since every campaign is unique, there is no standard model for rewards. The type of reward you offer should be determined by the kind of project you are running but also by the kind of people you expect to be supported by. You should think about what your backers would really like to receive from you in return for their commitment to your campaign.

Take your time to put together a reasonable and meaningful offer, keeping in mind that setting the right rewards can be crucial for reaching your fundraising goal. It could be an outcome of the project itself, something tangible (an object) or intangible (an experience), or something which commemorates the campaign in some way, such as merchandise or exclusive access to events, or public recognition of your backers' support perhaps. Backers who offer you more than just financial support, who help you to tweak your project, for instance, might be interested in becoming part of the project or affecting the campaign's eventual outcome in some way.

Rewards that provide unique opportunities are always perceived as the most valuable. Be creative! 

 What cannot be offered as a reward? 

You can only offer non-monetary rewards: equity, revenue share or investment opportunities are not permitted. Entry into lotteries, raffles or sweepstakes are also prohibited.

Are funds taxable?

Any funds you receive for your project might be subject to taxes, depending on your country's policies and on your status (whether you are an individual, a company or an organisation). Project creators are responsible for declaring all taxable income to the relevant authorities.

 Promoting your project 

Spreading the word is key. However, it does not necessarily follow that, the more people know about your project, the more chances you have of getting it funded. You need to be strategic. Do not speak to a crowd: speak to your crowd. First, you need to have a clear idea of who your target audience is and then ask yourself why they might care about your campaign.

Who is my crowd?

To identify your crowd, start from those closest to you (your family, friends, colleagues and fellow networkers) and then expand your scope to looking at your network's network and all those communities and little groups of people who might be interested in what you are doing.

At the same time, try to identify who influences on your audience: it is those people who know your crowd better than you do who can really make a difference and you should target them as well if you want your project to be truly successful.

 How can I involve my crowd effectively?

You need to empower your crowd if you want it to actively engage with your project. Look at your backers and audience as an open source of knowledge and expertise which can lead you to new and better solutions. Encourage them to give you feedback and do not be afraid to ask for help and advice: test their proposals and involve them in the decision-making process as well as in promotion.

Express your feelings and be yourself. Do not forget to thank them for their support and let them share in the excitement and success of your project. They are, after all, your most valuable collaborators and ambassadors: if they truly believe in your project and what it is seeking to do or achieve, they will spread the word in the best possible way, which is by simply being naturally enthusiastic about it.

Crowdsourcing is the key which opens the door to crowdfunding. Be sure you are fully aware of what this entails before starting out.

 Can my fellow Onclaude networkers help with promotion? 

Yes, of course. Do not look at them as simply potential backers. The Innovators Network is your starting point in building your campaign's reputation.

Ours is a highly specific niche community where people share the same commitment to design innovation and gaining the trust and support of your fellow networkers is a must. This is the reason why we have developed a function which allows our networkers to "recommend" crowdfunding campaigns, as well as back them. Recommended projects will be listed in the activity feed displayed in the right-hand column of the Innovators page.

Your fellow networkers can also help you to spread the word by sharing information about your project and the progress it is making on their own professional and personal websites, social media pages and any corner of the internet in fact where they might have a presence. Always keep in mind that they might be very influential within their own group, both within Onclaude and beyond.

Always approach them, as well as other people in your crowd, in a respectful way. No spamming, no email bombing, no double-posting. Do not post self-referential comments on their personal or campaign page. Be yourself, but keep your enthusiasm under control!

 Is social media enough to promote my campaign?

Social media can really help you do your job and spread the word, but it is not a solution to all the problems that might arise from a promotional campaign. Be strategic when you approach online media and online communities to pitch your project. What does your audience read? What online sources do they use to keep themselves informed and updated? What communities do they belong to, other than the usual social networks?

Finally, do not underestimate the role and influence of the offline world. We live in a post-digital age where all different channels combine and have a strong influence on each other, so it has become essential for design innovators to gain public awareness offline as well as online. Think outside the box, go beyond the web and use the physical environment that surrounds you as a responsive tool to empower your campaign. With this in mind, also keep an eye on all the offline initiatives that might be available to you through Onclaude.

Getting funded 

If your project reaches its fundraising goal by its deadline, we will contact you and provide a statement of your funding within a few days. At this point, you will also need to initiate the reward process, delivering to your backers what you have promised.

 How will I receive the funds? 

You will receive the funds you have raised, minus the administration fee due to Onclaude, through the PayPal account you indicate when creating your project. Please note that we do not hold the money in our own account and backers' contributions are transmitted to project creators directly by PayPal. Onclaude will only receive its administration fee into its account.

 Are contributions instantly debited from backers' card/account?

No. When contributions are pledged they are not instantly debited from backers' PayPal or credit card accounts. By backing your campaign backers promise that they will pay you a certain amount of money if your fundraising goal is reached by the deadline set by you.

What happens if some funds cannot be collected? 

It might, on occasion, happen that contributions cannot be collected by PayPal when your fundraising deadline is reached due to a lack of funds in a backer's account. We believe that this is very unlikely to occur and that it should not overly concern you. By backing your campaign, backers pledge that they will make their contribution if you succeed and it would obviously be unfair of them not to keep their promise. However, you should be aware of the remote possibility and further understand that neither Onclaude nor PayPal can be responsible in any way for any inability to collect on their part. In the event that this issue does arise and it is not possible to collect all contributions pledged to you, we will nevertheless consider your campaign successful and you will be entitled to keep the funds that can be collected even if they fall below your fundraising goal.

 Fulfilling rewards 

 How can I get in touch with my backers?

We will provide you with all their contact information and you will be free to get in touch with them at any time to arrange delivery of the rewards you have promised.

 Am I responsible for fulfilling rewards? 

Yes. You have sole responsibility for delivering the rewards you have promised to your backers. Please be sure to read our Terms of Use carefully on this.

 Who is responsible for making sure campaign launchers deliver what they promise?

Campaign launchers are solely responsible for fulfilling the promises they make to their project backers. Please see our Terms of Use on this.

 For backers 

 Backing a project
 Do I need to identify myself to be able to back a campaign?

Yes, you are required to identify yourself by signing up to Onclaude if you want to back a campaign.

 How do I sign up to Onclaude? 

All you need to do is to provide your name and a valid email address or, if you prefer, get connected in just one click through our Social Connect tool. 

 Do I need a PayPal account to back a campaign? 

Not necessarily. If you have one, you can use your PayPal account to make your contribution; otherwise, you can use any credit card, including Visa and MasterCard, and PayPal will simply facilitate the payment by processing it through its secure gateway.

 How do I back a campaign? 

Very easily. Click on the “Back this campaign” button on the relevant project's page, enter an amount for your contribution, choose a reward and provide all the information required to have it delivered to you. You will then be taken through to the Paypal site to complete the process (for those who are not familiar with PayPal, it is the world’s leading provider for online payments). Please note that payment will not actually be taken until and unless the fundraising goal is reached by the deadline set by the creator of the project you are supporting. Browse campaigns and start supporting innovators now.

 How can I get in touch with campaigns launchers?

Just leave a comment on their campaign page or visit their personal page on the Innovators Network and send them an email from there.

 How do I know when a campaign I am backing reaches its goal?

You will be notified by us via email.

 How do I know when rewards for a campaign will be delivered?

All campaign launchers must specify an estimated delivery date for each reward they are offering. Please understand that this is only an estimate and the actual date of delivery might vary. In case of a significant variation or delay, campaigns launchers are required to post updates on this on their campaign page. If you think you should have received a reward by now and you cannot see any updates on it, we suggest you post a public comment on the relevant campaign page and/or contact the campaign launcher directly via email.

 Who is responsible for fulfilling rewards?

Project creators are solely responsible for fulfilling the promises they make with regard to rewards. Please check ourTerms of Use on this.

Are contributions tax deductible?

Some contributions, such as those made to non-profit organisations, might be tax deductible but please check your country's policy on this. You could also contact the campaign launchers asking if they can give you more information on that. 

Feeling comfortable about giving

Can I trust campaign launchers?

Trust is key in crowdfunding. No-one wants to donate money to someone who is not trustworthy, no matter how promising their project looks or how interesting their idea is. You will probably want to find out as much as you can about this person...where they live, what they do for a living, what they have achieved so far in their career and more. 

So if I have no first-hand knowledge of a campaign launcher, how can I tell if they are reliable and deserve my trust?

We understand how important this issue is in and want you to feel good about giving money to a project and not live to regret it. This is the reason why only members of our Innovators Network are allowed to publish a crowdfunding project and solicit financial support from other network members or external supporters. 

So to find out more about the campaign launchers you are interested in, you do not need to search here and there for information on them. You just need to click on their name in the top right-hand corner of their crowdfunding campaign page: you will land on their personal page in our Innovators Network, where you will find their profile, portfolio of works and updates on what they are currently working on. You can post comments on their page at any time and, if you like, send them an email asking for more information.

Trust is obviously fuelled by reputation and, whilst some of our innovators are already well-established professionals, others may be as yet unknown but we think their portfolio of works shows great potential. To join our Innovators Network, they will have been required to submit a profile to our team and only if that profile is accepted, will it get published on the site. So if they are part of the Network, it means that we really believe that they have an innovative project and just need a chance to increase their reputation and bring it to life. 

 If I make a contribution, when will my credit card or PayPal account be debited?

According to our “all-or-nothing” philosophy, campaigns are only deemed successful and receive the contributions that have been pledged to them when and if they reach their fundraising goal by the deadline set by their launchers so you will only be charged at that time. By backing a campaign and specifying an amount for your contribution, you grant our payment processor, PayPal, the right to withdraw that amount in the event that the project is successful. You also undertake that the money you pledge will be available in your PayPal or credit card account on the date of the fundraising deadline.

 If the campaign goal is not reached, do I need to pay anything?

No, nothing. If a campaign does not reach its fundraising goal, any contributions that have been pledged by backersare automatically cancelled: you will not be charged and project creators will not receive the funds.

Will PayPal store my credit card information?

No. PayPal does not store your personal or credit card information on its servers or databases unless you specifically register for an account with them. If you use your credit card to make a contribution, you will enter their secure payment gateway as a “guest”. Please visit the PayPal website if you would like to find out more information about this.

 Will Onclaude store my credit card information?

No, absolutely not. Onclaude does not store your personal or credit card information on its servers or databases. All payments are handled by PayPal, which processes them as described above.

 Is PayPal safe and secure?

PayPal, owned by eBay, is the largest online payment processing gateway in the world and has many safeguards in place to be able to offer you the utmost protection on the Internet.

 What personal information will I need to share with Onclaude and with campaign launchers?

In order to support a campaign and allow us to facilitate the backing process, you need to let us know the amount you want to give and the reward you would like to receive in return. You also need to provide us with basic contact details including your name, email address and postal address. If the campaign is successful, we will pass on all the necessary information to the relevant project creator to enable them to contact you directly and arrange delivery of your reward. Up to this point, campaign launchers will only have access to your username, the level of the contribution you have specified and the reward you have chosen.

 Will any of my personal information be displayed publicly?

The only information that will be available to the public is your username (or your Facebook or Google account name, if you have signed up through either of these services). Your username will also be listed in the backers section of the relevant campaign page.

Will the amount of my contribution or my email address be publicly displayed? 

No. The only information that will be shown is your username, as explained above.