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How Onclaude works

Here are some of the great things you can do on our platform: join the network and/or simply browse it to discover innovative projects; crowdfund your project and/or browse campaigns you are interested in and support them; check our stories and get inspired. You could also check what events we have in the pipeline at the moment here.

Join the Innovators Network

Our Innovators Network is a global community of innovators working on a wide range of cutting-edge design projects that really push the boundaries. 
All Network members have their own page where their profile, portfolio of works and activities are featured.

Following a cross-sectoral and multidisciplinary approach, the Network welcomes design innovators from virtually any sector and discipline and promotes the free-flowing exchange of ideas and best practices, all the time encouraging collaboration and transfer of know-how. 

Joining the Network is free for design professionals, design studios and organisations. 

Read our Network Guidelines to find out more about how it works.

Crowdfund your project

If you are working on something special and unique project and require funding to help you bring it to life, then Onclaude is the place for you. Members of our Innovators Network can publish their projects on our platform and launch a campaign to raise funds from their crowd. 

You set your own fundraising goal, a deadline for your campaign and plan a system of rewards to offer your backers, according to the level of funding they provide. When backers select an amount and a corresponding reward, they make a"promise" to you that they will actually make that contribution to you if your campaign is successful. 

Onclaude's is an "all-or-nothing" approach: only if you succeed in reaching your fundraising goal within the deadline that you yourself have specified will you and your backers be obligated to exchange contributions and rewards!

Check our Campaigns Guidelines Campaigns Guidelines to learn how our crowdfunding tool works.

Discover Innovators

Are you are a design company looking to innovate your products, services and/or processes? A researcher, manufacturer, distributor or investor? A company or an organisation looking to accelerate your grow through design-driven innovation and international collaborations? Or maybe you are just a consumer in-the-know who is passionate about design and innovation? If so, here you will have the opportunity to engage with a cross-sectoral community of promising innovators, interact with them and explore their works.

Browsing the Network is completely free. You just need to sign up and/or log in if you actively want to engage with our innovators (for example, if you want to post a comment on their profile/updates feed/works).

Support campaigns

Discover the challenging campaigns launched internationally by our network of innovators. Help them to develop their ideas and bring their projects to life: contribute to projects that matter to you, offer innovators feedback and support and get rewards in return!

Browsing campaigns on our site is completely free. If you would like to back a campaign, you just need to decide how much you want to give but the transaction itself is free. 

You do not need to sign up to the site to browse campaigns but you will need to to do this to engage with campaign launchers actively and support their projects. 

Learn more about how to support a campaign here

Let stories inspire you

Our Stories section offers a wide range of features on innovative design products, projects and initiatives and on design-driven innovation applied to sectors other than the design industry, including previews of and reportage on relevant events and exhibitions and interviews with prominent innovation leaders (either carried out by Onclaude or by guest editors we might invite to contribute). We also publish information on funding and grants that might be available, as well as commentary on start-ups and design entrepreneurship eco-systems and the crowdfunding culture in general.

If you would like to submit a story or if you are interested in writing for us or moderating specific content, just click here.

Storytelling is a powerful tool. Get empowered by our stories and, in turn, empower our community of innovators with your own story!