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How Onclaude works

We are not a conventional design agency.

We develop design-driven projects, leveraging on our international network of designers, design thinkers, design strategists, researchers, inventors, innovation experts and communicators. 

We use design, design thinking, lean and agile to trigger innovation.

We work on commissioned projects as well as on self-initiated projects. Watch our video to learn more about our vision and how we can work together:

Why do we do this?

Onclaude's story is made of many stories. For a decade we've watched designers and companies trying to create a new narrative by innovating together but we've seen much talent and opportunities wasted along the way. We couldn't just sit by the sidelines watching so we put on our best dress and started entering those stories to lead the change.

How do we do it?

We do not simply bring together innovators and connect them with businesses seeking to innovate. We curate projects from beginning to end. 

For us, design is not simply a way to make a product looks great and be perfectly functional. It is a holistic approach to research, strategy and project development. We think innovation is a process of restless exploration and we want designers and businesses to be partners in this adventure. Together, we can turn breakthrough ideas into hands-on projects that really make a difference for users.

We work across industries and sectors and can support you in meeting any innovation challenge using design and design strategy. 

I am a company/organisation; what can you do for me?

If you are a business which recognises the value of design and you seek to innovate and gain competitive advantage in your market, we would be happy to work with you and support you in your innovation process.

With Onclaude, you get an international team of partners and collaborators all helping you to efficiently test new ideas through hands-on projects and bring them to the market more quickly.  

We are aware that innovation can be a tricky process, which requires a lot of time, effort and money. These difficulties may cause you to not act at all, but doing nothing has its risks too!

These are some of the things that we can do for you to help you optimise your efforts and reduce the risks:

  • Proactively suggest relevant project ideas to you and curate your projects from beginning to end, in a agile way
  • Select the ideal professionals for each project, build the team and take care of all project management activities
  • Use human-centered Design Research methodologies to explore users' needs and rapidly test with them new product/service ideas
  • Develop a successful actionable strategy and establish project KPIs with you so that you can measure results 
  • Deliver stellar execution and constantly monitor outcomes to achieve your goals

These are some of the challenges that we can help you to meet:

  • Research, Ideas Management and Prototyping - generating new ideas and design innovative ways to prototype and test them
  • Business Innovation - exploring new business opportunities by using agile qualitative and quantitative market research tools and rapid prototyping business models (designing, testing and validating your business idea)
  • Product and Service Innovation - designing, prototyping, developing and testing new product/service ideas or a system of integrated products and services
  • Experience Design  - designing an integrated systems of products, services, spaces and branded content that reflect your brand unique value proposition
  • Customer Experience Innovation - exploring customer's journeys, identifying and monitoring touch points and designing experiences that truly delight your customers 
  • Communication Innovation - designing engaging transmedia storytelling experiences for your audience 
  • Space and exhibition Design - designing and developing innovative space concepts

Please get in touch at maria@onclaude.com  and tell us a bit about your company's story and vision and you current needs. Either you are looking for new ideas, you have a specific idea in mind that you would like to develop/prototype/test, or a project already in the pipeline which requires design expertise, we will be happy to support and we will come out with a tailored solution for you. 

In case you simply would like to understand better how we work, contact us at info@onclaude.com to have a chat with us.

Who is behind Onclaude?

Onclaude has been founded by design-driven innovation consultant Maria Serra in Milan, Italy.

Her approach to consulting and facilitating uses Design thinking and Human-centered Design as triggers for agile innovation, combining them with Lean methodologies. 

Maria has 15 years experience in design strategy, ideas and creativity management, marketing and communications gained across sectors and businesses.  

She is passionate about designing for impact and is an advocate for social innovation and sustainability, with a focus on women's empowerment. She is also the founder and leader of the first Milan-based leanin.org Circle, supporting women professionals and entrepreneurs to reach their ambitions in life.

If you would like to get in touch with Maria, drop her a line at maria@onclaude.com. You could also connect to Maria's Linkedin page  or follow her on Twitter, tweets @onclaude are hers. 

I am a designer/studio; how can I join?

We select our Network members on an invitation-basis but you can submit your profile for evaluation, if you would like to join us.

We value quality more than quantity and are interested in forward-looking people who do not just experiment with innovation from time to time but who are really committed to pursuing it in everything that they do. We like designers who want to create new meanings and inspire new positive behaviours: people who are not afraid to re-design the way they innovate, when necessary and to use new methods and practices.

Read our Network Guidelines to find out more about how to submit your profile.

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How can I get in touch?

You can send us an email at any time at info@onclaude.com. We will get back in touch soon!

Please note that Onclaude website is in Beta testing at the moment and we are working hard to design and develop a top-notch service for you so we would really love to hear your thoughts and opinions. Visit our Give us feedback  page to get involved in Onclaude's co-creation.