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INCENSe Accelerator for Cleantech Startups, SME's and Web Entrepreneurs

16th of December 2014, 0 comments, category: Grants'n Funds

by Onclaude

INCENSe is one of the 16 Future Internet Accelerators from the FIWARE  programme, funded by the EC (€80 million euros of investment) which aims to support entrepreneurs in the creation of innovative internet-based, market-oriented solutions in the Cleantech sector using FIWARE technologies. 

Promoted by Enel and Endesathe Italian and Spanish leading players in the energy sector, and accelerated by Fundingbox and Accelerace, the largest Danish public funding platform for startups, INCENSe has launched a call for projects enabling the use of these technologies, which will be open until the 15th of January 2015. 

total grant support of 6,2 M€ will be offered to 42 European SMEs, startups and teams of web entrepreneurs (two people at least). The acceleration programme (up to six-month) will include 150 hours of coaching and mentorship from leading experts and experienced business developers; access to testing opportunities in Spain, Denmark and Italy; participation in events and possibile meetings with angel investors; possible additional investments by Accelerace or ENEL. INCENSe will consider as "Cleantech" any internet technology applied to a business model in the following areas: Energy efficiency & home automation enewable energy 

  • renewable forecasting solutions 
  • smart grids 
  • energy storage 
  • advanced diagnostic and automation solutions 
  • e-mobility 
  • cyber security 
  • digitalization of energy through ICT 
  • any other use of internet technology where the applicant can explain how the use of the technology or the business model will contribute to sustainability, energy sector or to the development of services to smart cities. 

The eligible proposals will be evaluated by an external committee of independent experts which will consider the following criteria for the evaluation: strategic fit, quality of the management team, business potential, use of FIRMWARE technologies.

INCENSe will unlock the funding in three tranches and for what concerns the second and third tranches they will be subject to the achievement and validation of agreed milestones: 

1st Stage (Month 0): 25.000€

2nd Stage (Month 3): 75.000€ 

3rd Stage (Month 6): 50.000€

All proposals should be submitted online through the FundingBox Platform.

A second call for projects will be open from June to September 2015.


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