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Kim Woozy

10th of September 2013, 0 comments, category: Innovation Leaders

by Maria Serra, Onclaude Founder

Kim Woozy, founder of MAHFIA.TV a digital media based platform whose mission is to expose the untold stories of females in action sports, shares with us her views on sports innovation and innovation through sports, success and failure and the role of Pioneers and Followers.

1Sport innovation and innovation through sport, where do you see it today?

 Innovation is more accessible in today’s world than it everhas been. The technology we have access to today is fueling the progression of many visual cultures including sports, art, fashion, dance, performance, etc. To me, having the ability to share what you are doing with the world through the limitless platform of digital video is truly exciting. At its core, action sports (skateboarding, snowboarding, surfing, etc) has always been a form of creative expression. With the growing accessibility of digital video, the sky is the limit for how it can evolve. No doubt, we will see a lot of innovation come out of this culture in the near future.

2 What do success and failure mean to you?

 To me, success and failure are just the two sides of a coin in life. You need one in order to understand the other. A person’s true character is defined by how you handle both. Experiencing both makes you stronger, wiser and more interesting. I’m an advocate of playing sports at a young age because it embeds this important life lesson into you forever.

3 Pioneers vs. Followers... who wins in the female action sports world?

Both win in the world of female action sports and the world in general. We need pioneers to inspire progression and we need followers to follow the pioneers. A pioneer wouldn’t be a pioneer if everyone was a pioneer. Followers are important because they carry the weight of the masses which is crucial for change and progression of the sport. We need pioneers to have the courage to break down existing barriers and inspire their followers to keep that momentum going. In the end, the combination of both will make waves for everyone to ride. 

Kim Woozy, a lifelong athlete and artist, was born in Northern California's Bay Area, an intersection of diversity, technology and outdoor adventure. She is the founder of MAHFIA which is a network of professional female athletes, artists and action sports influencers. They represent an unparalleled generation of females whose physical skills and individual style are matched by a desire to push the limits and defy the norm. MAHFIA.TV immerses viewers in the lives of the MAHFIA as they travel the world with their boards, killin it softly. 

Watch Kim's talk at TEDxAmericansFinestCity:


Watch the MAHFIA.TV trailer:

Whatch one of MAHFIA.TV episodes where professional skateboarders Mimi Knoop, Allysha Bergado, Karen Jonz, Lizzie Armanto and Nora Vasconcellos  explain how skateboarding has changed their lives.



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