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Open Design, what can we learn from bees?

18th of September 2013, 0 comments, category: Innovation Stories

by Onclaude

 A debate at the Design Council in London explores the potential of open design and its impacts on professional designers, highlighting the risks of handing design over to non-specialists.

The event, which will take place on the 27th of September, is called "Bee Lab breakfast" and is inspired by  the Bee Lab Citizen Project,  an initiative that supports the practice of beekeeping through the co-creation of technology that help people become more effective and sustainable beekeepers.

A multidisciplinary team of design researchers and technologists (Rob Philips , The Horizon Digital Economy ResearchTechnology Will Save Us, entomologists (The British Bee Keeping Association) and social innovators ( The Honey Club ) are working with beekeepers to monitor the health of their honey bees by co-creating discreet, digital monitoring devices in a series of workshops. 

The debate will investigates how communities can play an important role in supporting communities of bees and will also look at a open design from a wider perspective. What role professional designers play in this process? What are the benefits and pitfalls within open design?

Speakers include, among the others, Tom Hulme, Design Director at IDEO and founder of OpenIDEO and Steven Bamford, Professional Astronomer at the University of Nottingham and Science Director of the Citizen Science Alliance.

Click here to register to the event.  

Event Info

Bee Lab breakfast

Dates, opening hours, entrance

September 27

8.30am (breakfast with honey)


Tickets £36


Design Council, Angel Building, 407 Saint John Street EC1V London


Steven Bamford  

Professional astronomer at the University of Nottingham and Science Director of the Citizen Science Alliance

Daniel Charny 

Professor of Design at Kingston University and Director at From Now On. Co-Director of Fixperts.

Hilary Geoghegan 

Human geographer at the University of Reading

Tom Hulme 

Design Director at IDEO and founder of OpenIDEO

Robert Phillips  

Product designer and open design researcher

Jess Price 

Conservation officer at the Sussex Wildlife Trust, a leading nature organisation.


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