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Vienna Design Week 2013 Reloading Ideas

27th of November 2013, 0 comments, category: Innovation Stories

by Onclaude

Vienna Design Week 2013 (27 Sep - 6 Oct) brought the discussion on how new ideas are generated and developed to the forefront, inviting the public to engage in a laboratory called "Ideas Reloaded" which featured a series of inspiring talks and workshops. 

Onclaude's founder, Maria Serra, moderated a challenging debate on the 28th of September, which focused on how new ideas can be turned into innovative projects and how open innovation tools can empower designers, helping them to establish new collaborations with design-driven companies in a profitable way. 

We've produced a video, which includes some insights from the talk and a collection of inspiring things we saw and heard in Vienna during the Festival. Vienna is a city full of design and... sounds! Check it out:

Here are also some of the projects that caught our attention for their innovative design-thinking approach.

The Biomat, a temporary recycling restaurant by Vera Wiedermann. A self-sufficient kitchen, where you pay more if you don’t bring any "rubbish" with you!

Biodegradable waste is collected and converted into biogas which generates sufficient energy for the kitchen. Bin bags are weighed and a nutritional value is calculated from the energy value of their contents. 

As part of the "Passionswege" project (a collaboration between international designers and historical Viennese manufactures), French-Swiss design duo Bertille & Mathieu transformed iconic Viennese glassware and lighting showroom Lobmeyr into a "Sweet Factory", enhancing the tactile properties of glass in an unexpected new way.

Among the sweets produced with the imprints of famous design pieces manufactured by Lobmeyr, there are a lollipop-based series on Adolf Loos's No. 248 drinking set designed in 1931.

RoughCutHall, a former theatre auditorium converted into a pop-up Food & Design Hall. A project by food blogger Alexandra Palla and Dottings Design Studio. 

Can insects breeding and cooking be a sustainable answer to world hunger? Designers Julia Kaisinger and Katarina Unger presented their permaculture projects at RoughCutHall.

Thermobooth is a high tech + low fi tech photo booth designed by TaliaYstudio. The camera is triggered only when people make skin contact by touching or kissing. An array of circular OLED lights provide a flash of light and a photo is printed on paper. The unit is comprised of a computer with a camera, an Arduino, a MaKey MaKey, a flash and a thermal printer. © Florian Rainer / Fischka.com.

A paper hammock designed by mikimartinek and handmade by Kohlmaier Wien© Christine Wurning / Fischka.com.

Departure, the creative agency of the city of Vienna launched a competition of ideas called "Cycling Affairs" to explore new smart solutions for cycling in the city. The best proposals were showcased at the MAK Museum of Applied Arts. The winning idea (Wiener RAD-WG) tries to solve a common problem: finding a safe place to park bikes. Why not use vacant shops as bike storage facilities? Available parking areas can easily be found through a web application which also connects bike riders with each other, creating a city community around cycling.

URBANAUTS is a new hotel for urban adventurers, which converts empty business premises into unusual hotel rooms. For Vienna Design Week, they installed a pop-up hotel at the Festival Headquarters, converting an old classroom into a hotel room which provides every comfort to its temporary guests. © Petra Rautenstrauch / Fischka.com

As part of the "Passionswege" project, the Polish duo chmara.rosinke designed a beautiful window display for Wäscheflott, a historical Viennese manufacturer well-known for its bespoke clothing. Their research, which focused on the "evolutionary process" of a tailor-made shirt, was meant to give the Wäscheflott experience a new, poetic language of forms.

The Swiss designer Antoinette Bader won the Rado Star Austria Prize launched by Swiss watch company Rado. Her "Woven Gears" eye-catching installation is made of interwoven fabric which evokes the inner "gears" of a watch. 

Find out more pictures and interesting projects in the image gallery below.

The cover picture is © Kramar / Fischka.comAll images are © Onclaude, except as indicated. 




















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